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The second-floor “Holly Room” is a symphony of white, mauve and natural wood. The windows, and a small balcony, look onto the hills around Brazzano.

The rafter ceiling adds a rustic note to the harmonious ambience.

Designed for two occupants, the “Holly Room” can also be taken as a triple.

The rate per night for two guests, including breakfast, is € 95.


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Terra&Vini Srl
Via XXIV Maggio 34
34071 Brazzano di Cormons - Gorizia - Italy
Telefono 0481 60028 - Fax 0481 639198
P. I.V.A. 00422500314
L'Osteria è aperta
Martedì-Sabato 10.30-14.00 e 17.30-22.00
Domenica 10.30-15.00 Lunedì chiuso

La Cucina è aperta
Martedì-Sabato 12.00-14.00 e 19.00-22.00
Domenica 12.00-14.00

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