Bacca Bianca

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A semi-spiral staircase from the garden leads the guest to the room. On two levels, the “White Berry Room” lets the guest enjoy a private sitting room and the generous light flooding in through the dormer window.

An excellent room for single or double occupancy.

The rate per night for two guests, including breakfast, is € 95.


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Terra&Vini Srl
Via XXIV Maggio 34
34071 Brazzano di Cormons - Gorizia - Italy
Telefono 0481 60028 - Fax 0481 639198
P. I.V.A. 00422500314
L'Osteria è aperta
Martedì-Sabato 10.30-14.00 e 17.30-22.00
Domenica 10.30-15.00 Lunedì chiuso

La Cucina è aperta
Martedì-Sabato 12.00-14.00 e 19.00-22.00
Domenica 12.00-14.00

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